The Mi Band 6 is yet another great-value fitness tracker from Xiaomi

The iaomi’s Mi Band series has become one of the strongest retailers in the world for a good reason – offering strong features, long battery life, and an affordable price of $ 50. : The screen size has grown to 1.56-inches from last year’s 1.1-inch screen and there is a new blood oxygen sensor (SpO2).

I’ve been wearing Mi Band 6 all week, here’s my review.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with larger screen.
Xiaomi Mi Band 6: Details
Types of Mi Band 6
Size and weight

47.4 x 18.6 x 12.7mm

Polycarbonate materials
Wristband Silicone
Android, iPhone interaction
RAM / 512KB Storage RAM, 16MB storage
Display 1.56-inch AMOLED (152 x 486)
450 number light
Bluetooth v5 BLE connection
The senses

PPG heartbeat sensor
3-axis accelerometer
3-axis gyroscope
The Barometer
Balance sensor

NFC Payments Yes
125 mAh battery
Water resistance 5ATM or 50m for up to 30 minutes in freshwater

About this review: Xiaomi HQ sent us Mi Smart Band 6 in early April for review. This update is after a week of use. Xiaomi had no input into this review.
Design and display

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Outside the box – before the light comes on – Mi Band 6 looks similar to Mi Band 5. It’s the same long oval face wrapped in silicone tape. The actual part of the screen / body can be removed (with a little effort), revealing a small oval-sized plastic case.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 without silicon belt.

Xiaomi actually did not disclose the weight of the Mi Band 6 in official publishing materials; I tried to measure it on a body scale, and it was too bright to register. Eventually, I found a cooking scale in the kitchen, which eventually revealed that the band (without the cord) weighs just 14g. At 12.7mm, the Mi Band 6 is a small dynamic tracker that can be worn all day without attention – something I can say on the Apple Watch 6 or Fitbit Sense.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on the food scale showing its weight.

The belt comes in black by default, but there are other bright colors to choose from, such as red and yellow. The balance and comfort on my wrist is very good.

The new 1.56-inch Mi Band 6 screen has a resolution of 152 x 486 and reaches 450 light nits, and it looks great in my eyes. I have trouble seeing it under direct sunlight, but if not, the colors are vibrant and the text looks sharp.

Imi Band 6.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with its new large 1.56-inch AMOLED screen.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with heart sensor on the back.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on the table without a belt.

At the back there are standard heart rate sensors, a new SpO2 sensor, and two magnetic pogo charging pins, which you won’t need to do often because the Mi Band 6’s 125 mAh battery is enough to power the band for 14 days on one charge. I have a seventh day and 54% battery still left, so the claim may be accurate.

Inside, there are many sensors, including an accelerometer and gyroscope. There is no built-in GPS, but there is a connected GPS, which means the band can use your phone’s GPS and track your running.
Software and Features

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 tracks all basic metrics like steps, active and relaxing heartbeat, distance traveled, calories burned, sleep, and 30 specific exercise (from 11 last year). These exercises include basic things like running and cycling in many niche activities like rowing and badminton and HIIT.

As far as I can tell, step-by-step tracking is very accurate, but sleep tracking can be beaten and missed. For example, my partner wakes up a few hours before me, so when he gets out of bed, I wake up 30 seconds to a minute, then go back to sleep. Xiaomi Band 6 invariably thinks that the slightest distraction is me “waking up” and stop following my sleep after that. I have no such issues with Fitbit Sense, Honor Band 6, or Apple Watch 6.

Xiaomi Mi Band Sleep Track 6

Xiaomi Mi Band Sleep Track 6

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 detailed sleep break

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 health app

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is tracking

Xiaomi Mi Band Sleep Track 6

Xiaomi step-by-step calculation data

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 detailed health deterioration.

The new oxygen monitoring (SpO2) appears to work well. It takes about 20 seconds to hold still, after which points will be listed on the screen. I compared the blood oxygen level Mi Mi 6 showed me (95%) with the Apple Watch 6 reading and they were the same – which means they should be accurate? There is also a trace of women, but I could not check that.

Reading SpO2 from Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

The Xiaomi (Mi Fit) health app is very well designed, with detailed charts that show me my exercise data and heart rate history. There are plenty of face clocks to choose from, offering a variety of styles and beauty.

Since the Mi Band 6 does not have body buttons, the navigation is done by swiping and taping. For the most part, the UI is easy enough to rotate as everything is where it should be. You can also customize the band’s visual effects within the Mi Fit app.
Mi Fit
QR code
Mi Fit
Engineer: Anhui Huami Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Price: Free
She uses Mi Band 6 every day

As a smart dress, the Mi Band 6 is perfect. I can get notifications in real time, but I can’t contact them. I enjoy being able to reply to WhatsApp messages directly on my wrist (which I can do on Apple Watch 6 and Fitbit Sense), so I always get nervous when these hard-working exercise bands don’t allow that choice. While it’s worth it, the price difference between a fully loaded smartwatch and something like the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is big enough that I don’t really have to complain.

Mi Band 6 also allows direct music control on the wrist, which is a bonus. Therefore, Mi B