Migration Health Officer (Health Assessment Programme)

Position Title: Immigrant Health Officer (Health Screening Program) Service Station: Niamey, Niger Classification: Professional Staff, Grade P2 Nomination Type: Limited time, one year for extension Limited start date: As soon as possible Closing date: 27 April 2021 Founded in 1951, the IOM is a United Nations-led organization, and as a leading UN agency in the field of migration, it works in partnership with government partners, both internal and external. IOM is committed to promoting a humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all. IOM is committed to a diverse and inclusive work. Learn more about diversity and inclusion in IOM at: www.iom.int/diversity. Applications are welcome for those nominated for the first and second grades, especially for qualified women and applications from non-IOM countries. In all IOM vacancies, applications for qualified and qualified students who enter first are considered prior to those who qualify and are eligible to enter the second phase in the selection process. For the purpose of this vacancy, the following are considered candidates for the first election: Internally selected Nominees for the following countries representing members: Antigua and Barbuda; Botswana; Cabo Verde; Comoros; Cook Islands; Cuba; Fiji; Gabon; Guinea-Bissau; Guyana; Holy See; Iceland; Swazi State; Kiribati; Lao People’s Democratic Republic (i); Latvia; Luxembourg; Marshall Islands; Micronesia (United States); Montenegro; Namibia; Nauru; Palau; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Samoa; Sao Tome and Principe; Seychelles; Solomon Islands; Suriname; Bahamas; Timor-Leste; Tongan; Tuvalu; IVanuatu Second-round applicants include: All candidates except candidates from countries not represented. Context: The administrative management of the Movement Operations Manager at IOM Niger, the successful candidate will be responsible for the management of the Migration Health Survey (MHAU) in Niamey, Niger. Key functions / responsibilities: 1. Provide a migration health assessment system (MHAU) to meet the technical needs of restructured countries: • Medical examination; • Picture; • Laboratory testing; • Vaccination; • TB management; • Treatment and referrals; • Pre-mobility procedures and medical movements; • Documents, certificates and information transfers; • Review of Medical Examination Forms (MAF); • Provision of the required information for medical referrals or special needs of beneficiaries Timely work; and, 2 Support and direct health screening activities according to the needs of refugees and internally displaced persons, including medical history reviews, travel verification, physical examination, Chest X-ray (CXR) testing and / or web results review according to the technical guidelines of resettlement countries . 3. Ensuring that the infrastructure and equipment of the Immigration Unit (MHAU) meets the standards of quality and safety technology, the provision of adequate and adequate services. 4 Carefully plan medical examinations and ensure that medical staff have the necessary qualifications and skills to be tested. Contribute to building a network of external staff, such as Consultants and Medical Escorts, to support health screening and mobility assistance. Ensure close collaboration with the Movement Operations Manager and Operations Unit at IOM Niger and ensure full adherence of medical teams to the communication of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the necessary changes to the settings surrounding health screening. 5. Inform CoM, Movement Operations Manager, CMHO and the Procurement and Logistics Officer of MHAU’s health services, travel and tourism arrangements on time, in a consistent and complete manner, using bi-weekly reports on Health Screening activities. . 6. Maintain effective, high-quality customer-focused procedures at all stages of the Health Screening process, including customer details and appointments, payments, registration, pre- and post-test counseling, testing, testing, treatment and delivery of health test results, pre-travel and other procedures. Establish within MHAU a system that empowers clients to provide feedback. 7. Maintain a quality improvement plan for each service area within MHAU. Coordinate and manage quality control tasks on a regular basis, including practice recognition, desk testing and the use of self-assessment tools. Use data analysis and web reporting system to monitor performance indicators. Ensuring the implementation of IOM SOPs worldwide; provide technical input and use specific MHAC SOPs for each service area. Collaborating with CMHO and the Regional Health Screening Program Coordinator (RHAPC) in Nairobi to develop alternative public health interventions in the case of HAP, in collaboration with COM and Public Health Officer (20058084) on IOM Niger Interventions can include infectious diseases, outbreaks and response , health education and health promotion, social services for the community, liaison with community health centers


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