Food giants respond to worries over packaging

When Rebecca Prince-Ruiz remembers how her warm movement for Plastic Free July improved over the years, she simply smiles. What started in 2011 40 people pledging not to put plastic in one month a year has improved dramatically as 326 million people have promised to do the same today. Since 2000, the plastics industry has […]

‘No food in the fridge’: A gruelling Ramadan in Lebanon

But this year the busy NGO kitchen had to operate continuously, catering to at least the families of Syrian refugees and Lebanese families. Keep reading The ancient temples of Lebanon at Baalbek in Rome were reborn Foreign lenders determine relationships with Lebanon’s central bank: Sources ‘No one cares’: Lebanon’s financial crisis with domestic workers   […]

How Long Does It Take to Digest Food

Why, after a certain meal, do you not feel full for hours, but after another, you want to eat within minutes? It’s all about your metabolism and several other factors that affect how long the process can take. To get a better idea of ​​what those things are and how long it takes to digest […]